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Autopooling for all Lebanese universities

A website was launched to allow university students and staff to carpool. (it is completely free to use)

– Go to: www.autopooling.com

– Choose your university (AUB, USJ, LAU, NDU, ALBA, Haigazian, …)

– If it’s the first time, you need to regiter with your university email

Carpooling is the act of sharing a car; it is very practical for students/faculty members coming to university and living in the same area. The website will allow those people to find and contact each other very easily.

A)  Why Carpool?

Carpooling reduces the number of cars used and thus has many benefits on environmental (cars are one of the major sources of pollution in Lebanon) and social levels:

–      Less air pollution (ozone, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide emissions decrease). Read Car Pollution Facts to know more about it !

–      Less traffic & noise ; less parking problems

–      Meet people & make new friends (fellow students & faculty members)

It is a winning formula because it is less expensive than taking a service, with all its other advantages.

B)  How to Carpool?

Carpooling through the website is safe, since only people with an email of your university can use it.

Concerning payment, it is the driver and passengers who should agree on a formula if there will be one, taking into consideration fuel and parking costs.

If some people live more or less in the same area, they can define a meeting point and a meeting hour allowing them to carpool. (You are encouraged to leave notes when you register a trip on the website, to make this easier.)

Passengers (people without a car) and drivers (people with a car) can add their location and can easily contact each others. Otherwise, if several passengers live close to each others, they could come together by service/taxi (much easier to find a service in group).

Note: The carpooling website and idea is still in a beginning stage. It will take time for the rides to start showing up on the website in your university, so check out the website at least once per week. If you have ideas to improve it, contact egz01@aub.edu.lb or leave a comment on this post.

Cheers to a less polluted Lebanon with fewer cars!

Using the bus (check the map of buses in Beirut by Zawarib Beirut) and carpooling are the most eco-friendly ways of moving in the city (after walking and biking).

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About Autopooling: it is an initiative of some AUB students (who are managing this blog), and an AUB alumni, Paul Salameh who built the website.

Press Section:

Now Lebanon “An answer to your traffic woes?”

Now Lebanon “Happy Carpooling”

Daily Star “AUB carpooling scheme aims to ease traffic woes”

– Reportage on Future TV, in a program called Mazaj (you can watch it on Youtube)

– Autopooling on “Oyoun Beirut” on Al Yawm – Orbit TV (Youtube Video)

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