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Autopooling, a new alternative to reduce traffic problems in Lebanon

From a small university initiative, Autopooling (www.autopooling.com) has grown into a website open to everybody (read Autopooling for all Lebanon), allowing people living close to each others to contact each others and share rides (carpool).

Autopooling will not solve all Lebanese road related problems. Only an efficient and adapted network of public transportation, coupled with a strong will from the State can solve them.

However, Autopooling represents a new alternative for every Lebanese (having an access to internet).

It can be extremely useful for university students, for people working in the same company or in nearby places, for people organizing an event and wishing to facilitate transportation. You are adviced to read more about how to make the best use of Autopooling’s website here.

Autopooling allows people to save money:

Parking is becoming more and more expensive (some parkings cost 7,000 LL per day!), and no need to comment on fuel prices. You can divide all these costs by 2, 3 or 4 in sharing rides with other people.

Autopooling allows to reduce traffic:

Ideally we can divide by 2 the cars coming to and leaving a certain institution (university, office, …). Reducing the number of cars on a large scale (example: AUB, LAU, Haigazian, Hamra Street, Clemenceau) we can make a visible difference.

This will need some time (still few Lebanese know about the website) but you can help by sharing the word around you.

Autopooling allows you to meet friends:

You may be a bit shy and reluctant to share rides with a person you’ve met through Autopooling, but it’s worthy to give it a try! The website allows you to directly contact by private message other users. There are lots of nice and funny people that may live in your building or in your street… And it is much more pleasant to do the road in good company rather than alone.

Autopooling to decrease air pollution:

Less cars on the roads, less toxic emissions, less CO2 rejected in the atmosphere…

Here in Lebanon, if there is traffic or parking problems, people claim out loud that the solution is to make wider roads and larger parking areas. Well, Lebanon has been ruled by people thinking like this for the last 50 years, and you can notice the results (damages) around you.

The country is covered by asphalt and concrete, there are more traffic and parking problems than ever, sicknesses due to air pollution have increased… Do you still believe making room for more cars to be the solution ?

Simply close your eyes and imagine a Beirut with good public transports and biking lanes. Cars are our plague !

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