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Danger on Building Sites

Every old house, every building of less than 6 floors, every little garden are being systematically replaced by tall and soulless towers in Beirut.

It has been happening for the last 20 years, and it continues to happen, at an incredible rate. It occurs to me to walk in streets that I can’t recognize anymore. The small houses with red shutters, the old pines and the birds are all gone.

But Beirut’s disfiguring is not the theme of this post. It is about the danger that workers face on building sites.

The 2 workers in the pictures are working at around 15-20 m of height in precarious equilibrium, without any security measure.  Falling would most likely mean death.

Greed doesn’t seem to have limits in Lebanon…

If it happens to you to witness similar scenes, take pictures and upload them on our FB page !

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