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An old man and a tree in flowers

walking in Hamra

Walking in Clemenceau (Hamra) at 6 PM, hour at which honks bluster and people get hysterical, I stumbled upon a unusual spectacle : an old man taking care fatherly of the tree (planted by the municipality) in front of his house.

Notice that the sidewalk is regularly planted with this same tree, but this is the only one in flowers, the tallest and healthiest.

Aromatic herbs and flowers closely packed grow in the small space under the tree. This made me think of how little soil area we inhabitants of Beirut have. Most of people don’t care, they don’t even know what nature is or means. But some, like this old man and his wife, surely suffer from it.

I continued to gaze at them, until I noticed the roof of their small and modest house. Notice the variety of shrubs and flowers.

There are many ‘low cost’ ways to increase the greenery in Beirut. And I am not speaking of the palm trees imported from the desert (that look artificial) planted in front of McDonald’s or Roadster, but of a healthier greenery.

In future, Blue Lebanon will devote a lot of time and energy on proposing and trying to implement plans to improve our city, but for now, I will just unveil a couple of ideas.

– Sidewalks are sometimes very large in front of new buildings. Owners should be encouraged to make use of some of this space to plant. It is not chic to have 20 m2 of flat concrete.

– The municipality should allow and encourage people to plant trees (or take care of existing trees) in front of their houses (instead of discouraging them as it is the case now).

As promised, much more will come in the future months concerning the topic of trees and greenery in the city.

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