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The Ants of Beirut

You have surely noticed them! The ants of Beirut, tireless and everywhere, constantly patrolling the city and delving into the garbage bins.

For ‘us’, garbage is useless, a stinking burden. For them, garbage means bread for them and their family, garbage has a value.

Ants delve with voracity into the garbage, until every recyclable material will have been extracted: plastic bottles and containers, tins, pieces of iron and aluminum, electric wires, and the most diverse objects.

Men and teenagers ‘clean’ bin after bin. Some have trucks, other have carts or baskets. Most probably, there is a centralized organization synchronizing their individual efforts.

Recycling factories need raw material to run, and they are very happy to buy the wastes that these people collect; for example, the kilo of plastic is at around 500 LL and the kilo of aluminum is at 1,000 LL.

Wastes have value, and land-filling wastes is simply a loss of money for a country that does not have natural resources, beside being a tremendous threat for the environment. Even worse, in some towns wastes are savagely incinerated, without any regards for our lungs. (You can read more about wastes problems in Lebanon here.)

Beirut, and Lebanon in general, urgently need a serious recycling plan. Things have to be easy and straightforward for citizens: where should we throw our wastes, how should recycling bins be used, etc…

In other developing countries, in order to encourage people to recycle, the State gives them goods (potatoes, etc…) against sorted wastes. It is something to be considered in Lebanon too.

There have been many anti-littering campaigns going on in the country (metel ma shelta is the last example) unfortunately everybody seems to be forgetting recycling, which is much more urgent environmentally speaking. If you have ideas, feel free to share them with Blue Lebanon. We are always ready to collaborate…

Meanwhile, we are left to silently thank the ants that are avoiding tons and tons of wastes to end up in nature and in our lungs.

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