About the importance of Recycling

– about 1.5 million tons of solid wastes are produced every year in Lebanon, equivalent to a “hill” of 150 meters long and 60 meters high ! Every Lebanese throws in average 1.5 kg of trash everyday.

– the biggest part of the garbage is thrown in landfills or in unofficial waste dumps (or simply in the streets) all around Lebanon, without any sorting (the most striking example is the ‘mountain’ of garbage in Saida).

– the remaining of it is incinerated (burnt), without respecting any international health standard, ending up in our lungs.

– a very small fraction of it is recycled.


– effective recycling allows to divide by TEN the volume of garbage ! Recycling eliminates the need for landfills. The non recyclable materials can be incinerated while producing electricity.

– Lebanon does not have natural resources; it is stupid to throw away materials that can be reused, producing wealth for the country. Recycling can become a goldmine !

– glass and metals (cans) are 100% recyclable, paper is recyclable 7 times (recycling it allows to eliminate the need to cut trees!), plastic is a little more complicated to recycle (there are different kinds of plastics, but most of them are recyclable) , organic wastes (foods and biodegradable bags) are composted and used as fertilizer in agriculture. Internal components of batteries and electronics can also be reused.

– recycling allows to economize a lot of energy. For example, recycling one can of aluminum can save enough energy to run your TV for 3 hours the equivalent of half a gallon of gasoline). Give a look to these “funny facts” about recycling, you will be surprised !



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