Autopooling for all Lebanon

– Autopooling is not  anymore restricted to universities/companies -> now everybody can use Autopooling.

You can now directly send a private message to another user. Users’ contact info are hidden for safety reasons.

– You can now add weekly (regular) trips and one-day trips (non regular trips). The weekly trips are for work or university (same schedule every week). The one-day trips are multi-purpose : for irregular long displacements (example: going to Tyr or Tripoli from time to time), or for events/entertainment (example: a concert in Byblos, going to the beach in Jiyyeh, going to City Mall, going to Faraya…).

– Clicking on the trip of a driver, you will see its path. It is very useful to know if he/she passes close from where you live and can pick you up.

– Users can now add a location on the map (campus, office, hospital, beach, meeting point…) in a few clicks.

The website is offering you more options, while being very user-friendly and easy to use. Check out here a list of tips to use Autopooling the best way possible !


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