Autopooling – Some Tips

Autopooling is now available for everybody in Lebanon, and new functionalities were added on the website (you can read about it here).

Here follow some tips to use Autopooling the best way possible :

– Carpooling is not “restricted” to the people living in the same street/area. If you are a passenger, you can look for a driver that passes close to where you live, and vice versa.

– If two (or more) persons can carpool, and both have a car, they can interchange roles (one day x is driver and y is passenger, and another day x is passenger and y is driver). Otherwise you can share fuel and parking costs.

– If  several persons without a car can carpool, they can share a service/cab (it is much easier and less expensive to find a cab when several people are heading to the same place).

– If user X has a trip that suits you on Autopooling, but the timing is not the same, you are encouraged to contact user x, because on other days, his/her times may suit you.

– This is why you are encouraged to add all your trips on Autopooling. (to make things clearer for the people who wish to contact you).

– You can link your Facebook to your Autopooling account (it takes 5 seconds). It facilitates communication, and give you an idea of the person you’re going to carpool with (if the person does not study/work in the same place than you).

– If you’re going to an event of a social place (party, beach, ski, mall,…) Autopooling provides you with a great way to socialize and meet new people. This category of trips usually re-enter in one-day trips (not regular trips).

– By clicking on the name of a user, you can see all his/her trips. By clicking on the name of a location/institution you can see all the trips directed to this place.

– If you live in a far away region, and didn’t find a ride on Autopooling, you can use public transportation until a place where you can find a ride. In another country than Lebanon, I would have encouraged you to use only public transportation (when possible) but here it is slow and unreliable.

If you think of other tips to facilitate car sharing, please comment and tell us about it 🙂 !


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